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Individuality : Bail Organa

It is very uncommon for viceroys and senators of Alderaan to take their duties seriously, as Bail Organa did. Working on domestic and legislative issues occupied most of his free time. The Courtier of the Black Sun once said that Bail Organa could be like a Corellian bartender without the profanity, despite his undeniable diplomatic skills and usually reserved behavior.

Among the few Senators uncorrupted by power or by Palpatine, Bail Organa was very committed to preserving peace throughout the galaxy. During Order 66 and the Jedi Purge, he did everything he could to support the Jedi and loyalty to the Galactic Republic. The Republic, he argued, is essential to keep the galaxy from falling into chaos, and the Jedi Order is essential for maintaining peace within the galaxy. Despite having the backing of Emperor Palpatine, Bail Organa refused to accede to the emperor’s authority.

He was creative and innovative, but Bail took risks instead of being cautious because he was an intelligent man with a faith-based personality. Taking risks was not a problem for him if the benefits justified the risks, and he would learn from mistakes quickly.

During his private life, Bail Organa was a loving husband to his wife Breha, whom he affectionately called “my dove”. As a Senator, Bail Organa spent little time with his wife in Alderaan during the time of the Republic, and his responsibilities kept him away from Alderaan. Despite his neglectful status, he made lightning visits to Queen Victoria whenever possible. Leia, the daughter he adopted, became Bail’s daughter later in life. Bail Organa sipped his drink whenever he had the chance. A favorite of his was House of Bail’s Blackmoon ale and Algarine wines of the House of Bail’s own vineyard. He also enjoyed the blue sarsata peel in Blackmoon ale.


Exceptional Pilot: Bail mastered many types of speeders and aircrafts, and was an expert at it.
Excellent tactical expertise, leadership, negotiation skills, and leadership ability: Bail Organa showed exceptional intelligence. Bail was an excellent leader and brilliant tactician. In addition to ruling Alderaan, he also served as a senator. He was also good at diplomacy and negotiation.
In addition to Galactic Basic, Bail was fluent in Shyriiwook, Mon Calamarian, and Gran.

Appearances in films : Bail Organa

Films from Saga

Clones attack

He served as the Senator of Alderaan (replacing Bail Organa Antilles in the Galactic Senate of the Galactic Republic. He was a member of the Loyalist Committee, a group of trusted senators who advised Palpatine during the Separatist Crisis. In response to Senator Ask Aak’s announcement that Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and Senator Amidala were currently being held on Geonosis, Moe apparently said it might be better to get the clone army at once. Eventually, the vote for clone troopers succeeded and the Clone Wars began. Organa looked on in dismay as clone troopers started to arrive at their stations and begin attacking the Separatist-controlled worlds..

The Sith Revenge

This film emphasizes the importance of Organa. Anakin’s successful killing of Count Dooku concerns him immediately after Palpatine’s rescue, but Grievous and other Separatist leaders remain on the loose. As he learned of the attack on the Jedi Temple, Bail Organa went to see it, but was prevented from doing so by clone troopers led by Clone Commander Appo. If Bail did not leave with them at gunpoint, they even forcibly removed him. Suddenly, Zett Jukassa leapt from the clone trooper lines and began slaughtering them, but was killed to Organa’s shock. Bail organa left without being fired on after that, though the clone troopers were ordered to stand down and let him go. Obi-Wan and Yoda were rescued by him after Order 66 had entrapped them. Eventually, he witnessed Darth Sidious proclaim the Galactic Empire would replace the Galactic Republic. Yoda was able to escape after fighting Sidious with his help. Almost immediately before she died, Amidala gave birth to twins. It had always been Organa’s plan to adopt a girl which led him to take the girl. Captain Antilles, the Tantive III’s captain, is then ordered to wipe C-3PO’s memory. He later adopted Breha and brought her home, where she was held tightly in her arms.

He was shown to be part of the 2000 Senate Delegation, which was urging Palpatine to relinquish emergency powers in deleted scenes.

Hope for the future : Bail Organa

Continually operate. When you are ready, you may fire.”
I can’t demonstrate anything at Dantooine because it’s too far away, but don’t worry.”. The Rebel friends will be dealt with soon enough.”
In response, “No…”
Before Alderaan is destroyed, Leia and Tarkin
Leia recorded a message shortly before the Empire attacked the Tantive IV saying that he fought with him during the Clone Wars. Leia tried to save Bail Organa and Breha by confessing to Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin about the Rebel Alliance’s hidden base. Tarkin, however, still continued with the destruction of Alderaan, killing both after Leia had confessed without prompting. In addition to the majority of the population of Alderaan, Bail Organa and Breha’s death offered only a way of further reinforcing the rebellion’s support to avenge them which came to an end when the Death Star was destroyed during the Battle of Yavin, the Empire died completely after the death of the emperor and Darth Vader during the Battle of Endor with the Death Star and an Imperial flagship,

Film anthologies

It was “Rogue One”
Organa was a rebel almost twenty years later. Galen Erso’s actions on the Death Star won’t affect the Imperial Senate, according to Mon Mothma. His next meeting was about the Death Star. It is something they should fight against, he agreed with Jyn Erso. After speaking with Mon Mothma again, Obi Wan Kenobi told him he couldn’t find him on Tatooine because he was going to Alderaan to rise to action, and his adopted daughter, Leia, would be coming with him. Raymus Antilles was the next person he spoke to.

Appearances on television : Bail Organa

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Bail Organa appears as a supporting character, while in Star Wars Rebels, he appears occasionally.

Tourist attractions

Unlike the plot of A New Hope, it is revealed that Bail had given the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO to Antilles.


Sheev Palpatine/Sidious Darth
For his effective leadership Bail Organa initially respected Surpreme Chancellor Palpatine. Bail supported the Military Creation Act during the Separatist Crisis. Bail supported the idea that the Senate could vote on the emergency powers of the Chancellor when the clone wars broke out. The Chancellor formed the 2 000 delegation to demand an end to his emergency powers to accumulate dictorial powers. The attempt fired when, except for Bail, Mon Mothma (since they did not sign the 2000 petition), the Chancellor declared himself an Emperor and branded all members of this delegation as traitors and captured the traitor of Padmé Amidala as the enemy of the state.
Bail tried to reach his pot but Padme stopped him by telling him that the new emperor had on his side the Senate and people and therefore that all open opposition against him was destined to fail and Palpatine only took advantage of himself to gain more power to vote for the empire and to pretend to be supporting the emperor until an open rebellion had come and told him that time. Bail did as she instructed and was committed to restoring the emperor’s republic as well as democracy. Then he learned from Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda that the Clone was also the emperor Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith

Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker

Anakin was respected by Bail for being the Hero Without Fear. In the beginning, Bail knew Anakin and Darth Vader were the same, as they went from friends to enemies. In honor of the man he once respected, Bail took Leia into his own family and indirectly built the Rebel Alliance for the sake of the man who saved so many lives.

Aspadmé Amidala

Bail and Padmé admired one another because they both had idealistic outlooks. Bail supported the passing of the Military Creation Act during the Sepratist Crisis, while Padmé opposed it. Following the outbreak of the Clone Wars and Count Dooku’s murder of Mina Bonteri, both of them sought to ensure her heroic efforts did not go to waste. Dooku blamed the killing on the Jedi and the Clones, but Bail turned out that Senator Bonteri was murdered by Dooku’s thugs. Bail returned to Padmé after Chancellor Palpatine passed the Sector Government Decree requiring an end to the Clone Wars and his amendments. A few days after the Chancellor became Emperor, Padmé encouraged him to pretend he was supporting the new Emperor until they were ready for coup. In the aftermath of Padmé’s death after giving birth to her children, Bail decided to raise her daughter Leia as his own.

Issoka Tano

As the Galactic Empire began to raise its forces, Bail Organa and Ahsoka began forming the Rebel Network, a network of Rebel cells, to undermine the Empire and throw a wrench into the Emperor’s plots until it was time for an open rebellion.

Anakin Skywalker : Bail Organa

In the wake of Padmé’s death, Bail raised Leia as his own child. During the teachings of the Emperor, she was taught to put all her effort into overthrowing him and restoring the Galactic Republic, but to keep it a secret so as not to cause troubles for Aldaraan.

Leia grieves over the death of her adopted father Bail when the Alderaan system was destroyed by the first Death Star, as Bail was on the planet Alderaan when it was destroyed.

Mothma Mon

Because both Bail and Mon were loyalists, they respected each other. When the Galactic Empire was founded, Bail encouraged Mon to support the Empire and they both worked to restore the Republic and democracy Palpatine had destroyed. The Emperor was correct in his call for patience, but Mon recommended that Bail openly oppose the new emperor. In the aftermath of the Reorganized Rebel Alliance created by Netwok Bail, Mon took command and issued a declaration of their intent to restore the Republic, picking up where Bail and Ahsoka left off. As a result of the Alliance’s victory at Endor, she got her wish.

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